Puppy sold to the Wilson family,  

Just wanted to send you an updated picture
:) she is too sweet

Hello Diane,
Well, we are coming to the end of our first week with the pups. Vinny is
already a mama’s boy and cries every night at about 3:00 a.m. until my
wife goes in their room and holds him. LuLu just sits and watches him
make a spectacle of himself.
I keep telling Vinny if he keeps it up, he is getting a one way ticket back
to Buffalo Valley..........lol.
Thank you so much for these pups, it has only been a week and they
have brought so much joy in our lives already.
Best Regards,
Anthony Figliano
Hi Diane! This is Peggy Stevens. We purchased a puppy from you. I believe it was from Alex and Coco's litter born
December 28th. At 5 months old he is thriving. He is about 9 pounds red & white with a bit of brown with green /
gold eyes depending on the light. We are taking puppy training classes to hopefully be qualified to be a volunteer
team for children's hospital wards special needs children and the elderly in care facilities and or the VA. We have
passed our puppy classes and start intermediate classes next Saturday. If you have a Facebook account you can
follow his (our) progress His page is called The Adventures of Rhyley Stevens. We are just getting started but
have several followers. I am seriously considering breeding him at the first of the year before having him neutered
for the pick of the litter probably another boy. I want to give you first option as he came from you. Just let me
know.                Thanks! Peggy Winters - Stevens
This is Rhyley with his Puppy
class trainer,Melissa at Petsmart.
We will be working with her sister
Alisha for our intermediate class
Also at Petsmart. That will be a 6
week course as will his advanced
classes then we can take our
Citizenship test and be quaified
as volunteers. Have a great
Sunday! Peggy Winters - Stevens
Puppy's sold pagge 3
Aysia Sold to Steve and Cindy
Hi Diane!

I wanted to touch base with you for two purposes…. To send you pictures of Baxter, the puppy we got from you on February 13, 2014, and also to coordinate a time on Dec
23 to pick up the new puppy.  I am attaching several pics of Baxter. He was born on December 27, 2013, so he has a birthday coming up very soon!  My son, Logan, picked
this one out on his birthday and while he is most likely the best gift that he has ever received, this puppy has been a gift to everyone in the family!  Baxter has a TON of
energy, which often irritates our 7 year old MalShi, but keeps her on her toes and active all day long.  He has grown so much and I’ve been amazed at the facial changes I’
ve seen as well. He just gets cuter and cuter!  Baxter also gets along very well with our Doberman, Jack!  The most hilarious moment we have had with him came after my
grandbaby had come to visit and left behind a pacifier.  Baxter found it (of course) and came down with it in his mouth just like a baby would.  I grabbed my camera and the
picture is posted here. The next favorite treat was a doggie pupperoni that looked like a cigar sticking out of his mouth!  Baxter keeps us on our toes all the time!  I believe
that the Maltese-Shi Tsu mix is the sweetest, most devoted-to-owner dog we have ever owned. The two we have now, Zoe and Baxter, are full members of the family and
everyone loves them dearly!  We are picking up another MalShi next week for our daughter and have already picked out a pacifier for this next sweetheart!  D and D
Kennels is an excellent place to find the perfect new family addition!  Thanks so much for helping us out!

Mitzi L. Dorris