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Hello Ms. Diane! I Hope you had a wonderful Christmas - me and Bodhi, the puppy I adopted in July, had a
wonderful holiday. I thought maybe you would like to see some photos of how he's grown up for your website or
just for fun. He's almost ten pounds now, and it the sweetest, most spirited dog I've ever known! I'm so lucky to
have him, thank you so much for  making sure that he existed!
I've attached a cuple of pictures from the last month, I hope you enjoy them!
Bodhi sold to Ashley
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To: Diane Sullins <diane@dndkennel.com>
Sent: Friday, January 25, 2013 1:16 PM
Subject: Puppy Update!

Hello Mrs. Sullins!
It's been a year since I've sent pictures, and I thought you may enjoy seeing how that little baby dog you sold me
has grown up! He's now about ten pounds, and a happy, healthy, wonderful guy. He is the smartest and most
empathetic dog I have ever known (and I'm not just saying that because he's mine!) He's incredibly expressive
and very intelligent - he's constantly bringing me toys for fetch, and he's even learned things like sitting for the
leash and what it means when I put my shoes on a get my bag for school, all without being taught. Everyday with
him is a blessing - he's my little house alarm, roommate, and best friend.
I've attached a few photos of him for you - there's some of him mid-fetch, one of him with my Dad (who loves
Bodhi so much, he actually calls himself Papaw!") and one of him with my boyfriends dog, wearing a little sweater
I sewed him (He'd just gotten a hair cut, he needed the warmth.)
I hope you and all of your dogs are doing well, and you enjoy seeing what a wonderful dog you've bred.
Ashley Duke