Puppie's Sold
Puppy sold to Heather Check out link on home page for Photogenic two Photography
New Page send me pictures of your puppy and I will add your picture.
This is Rhyley with his Puppy
class trainer,Melissa at Petsmart.
We will be working with her sister
Alisha for our intermediate class
Also at Petsmart. That will be a 6
week course as will his advanced
classes then we can take our
Citizenship test and be quaified
as volunteers. Have a great
Sunday! Peggy Winters - Stevens
Great! They are so stinkin smart! They’ve been potty training really well! Reenie got sick recently—she had
diarrhea and last night she even had blood in her stool, but I discovered that it was these bully sticks I was giving
them to chew on! She has baby shark teeth so she doesn’t just chew them, she gets them really soft and then
swallows them, so it’s been really upsetting her tummy! And the male, Shermie, wasn’t getting sick because she
never gives him a chance to chew on the sticks �� She’s doing much better today, now that I finally figured out
what it was! I had taken her to the vet and they had prescribed antibiotics because they thought she caught
something bacterial, but it turns out it was just the sticks!