DND Kennel
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Our Kennel is located between Nashville and Knoxville in a
small town called Buffalo Valley, TN.
I started our Kennel through a friend of mine .  She got me
interested in the Maltese, and Shih-tzu Mix,  these dogs are
long haired and known for their non shedding. I love this breed.
They are small, very smart, cute and so loving.

We also have Registered Maltese, Registered Shih-tzu,  But I
think I love the Maltese/Shih-tzu mix the best.

Please take time to look at my photo's. I hope you enjoy.
If you are interested please feel free to email or call me. Our
phone number is 931-858-6852.
Prices vary depending on breed, size, and gender.
Deposits are non refundable

Thank you for visiting us and hope to hear from you.
Diane Sullins
DND Kennel

I will not accept checks anymore as a
form of payment. I will accept cashier
checks,money orders, Cash or paypal,
and credit cards.
It will be the buyers
Responsibility to pick up the puppy.
I want to introduce a new member of our family.  Jordy is a
Bernese and Dolly and Molly Great Pyrenees we hope to have Great
Bernese in the future.